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New Creative Capital of the World

Los Angeles has clearly become the “New Creative Capital of the World.” Over the past few years, creative and technology businesses have swarmed to Los Angeles setting up their trades in the area. With almost half of California’s creative workers in the Los Angeles area, commercial properties offering creative spaces have increased to supply the much needed demand for such units.

A trip through Los Angeles’ downtown and West Side clearly shows the transformation of the Arts District. Cities and building owners are in tune with enhancing the existing buildings, while maintaining the architectural integrity of the community. Creative spaces and their businesses have beautifully changed the neighborhoods and environment, and this has spawned an infectious gentrification of surrounding areas. It is a booming economy and artists and tech savvy entrepreneurs want to be part of this fast growing revitalization. If you were to rewind to 10 years ago you wouldn’t have stepped foot in some of these areas where everyone wants to live, work, and own real estate in. It is truly amazing how the community has changed in Los Angeles. Downtown in the Art’s District which is only 0.565 square miles has at least 5 new developments opening within the next few years. Everyone is migrating to the west coast and DTLA is the new urban capital of America!

The wonderful thing about real estate is that everybody needs it, and will always need it. Whether it’s your business, your home, or an investment, it is always in demand. There is no better place to be right now than Los Angeles for such an incredible, changing community.

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